The idea of creating human clones has been haunting the minds of scientists for years together and off and on. Of course, scientists combine their imagination and scientific knowledge and  make new  discoveries. Discoveries and Inventions, done by scientists, how they are going to be utilized is not in the control of scientists. Scientist who invented power of ‘ Atomic energy ‘ must have never imagined that his invention would be used as the most lethal weapon to kill millions of people in second world war. This cannot be and should not be deterrent for scientific developments.   Take an example of ultrasonography.  This has contributed immensely in diagnosis of human diseases, during pregnancy and emergency medicine. But due to some selfish people and   sentiments that are prevailing in this part of the world  (i.e., craving for male child ) compelled the state to make stringent laws like PCPNDT Act.  Invention or discovery is neither good or bad. It all depends upon the psyche and behavior of the people using the scientific tool.

              Dr. Achyut Godbole is famous for his scientific writings.  On 19.02.2022 , in Lokmat Marathi News Paper he wrote an article on ‘Mind clone’. Mind clone with the error of over simplification, is nothing but a “Digital – Model” created by software, by feeding it the thoughts, experiences, ideology, educational capabilities, life style of any particular person. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, the software can express the views, thoughts, exactly in the same way the original personality would have. In different words your kith and kin who is no more can discuss with you and advice you.  If such data of International figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Newton, Socrates, Martin Luther King or similar is made available to the software, the scientist or the philosopher (Mind-clone) may be in a position to advice todays scientist, student or anyone aspirant to know the answer. Stephan Hawking may be in a position to give more information on Black hole. Wooden bridge on cam river of Cambridge, which could not be repaired by modern day engineers without using a plate and screw would be made possible by the mind clone of Newton. This is all positive side of the coin.

                Just imagine that, mind-clones of some known terrorists or  evil personalities are developed, what they would be advising to the people ?  Some people would definitely learn how to imitate them  in today’s situation  by using the software.  And it would be a great danger.  Scientific application once reaches to the common man, whether it would be used in a good or bad way no one knows. Society, Administration and Government can sparsely control over it. Hence it is very important to think thoroughly in 360 0 before such scientific developments are made available to the common man and stringent laws to curb the misuse, need to be developed.

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